Researching Custom Garage Doors Versus Retail Garage Doors: Which Does Better In Garage Door Sales?


If you are thinking about starting a garage door business that focuses on garage door sales and installation, you may be wondering which makes more money; prefab, retail garage doors or custom garage doors? Before you launch headfirst into this niche business, it helps to do a little research to learn which door style sells better than the other. Then you can decide if you want to focus on one type or a mix of both.

3 December 2015

3 Options When Choosing An Electric Garage Door Opener


With garage doors, it's important that you have a suitable method to control the opening and closing of the component. While this was typically controlled manually in the past, steps have been taken to implement technology where possible. At present, there are three main options available when choosing an electric garage door opener: Option 1 – Basic Electric Operator These are the most basic electric operator systems on the market and typically involve only a retractable garage door and an electrical operator.

6 May 2015