When Your Garage Door Is Malfunctioning: Why It's Important To Have Your Garage Door Repaired


If you've been having problems with your automatic garage door, this can be due to a variety of reasons. The track may have been bumped by a vehicle, a bracket may be loose, or the motor on the opener might be failing. If your door opens all the way and then shuts part of the way on its own, the tension springs could be breaking. While it may not seem like a big deal, when your garage door isn't working properly, you risk having the garage door fall on you or your car. When you want to avoid getting stuck in your garage as you are trying to go to work, it's time to have your garage door serviced.

When the Door Doesn't Open or Close Properly

When your door starts to open or close, and then reverses course at a particular point, this is usually a problem with the track. There could be a small obstruction in your track causing just enough of a problem to make the door stop moving. Sometimes a bracket will come loose, making the track slightly out of sync with the track on the other side. When a bracket is loose, your door may eventually open or close, but it might take several pushes of the garage door button. Securing the bracket to the garage wall should fix the problem.

If the Door Opens All the Way, Then Starts to Close

If your garage door is open all the way and then closes part way on its own, this can be dangerous. This means that the springs holding your door in the open position are not working as they should. Sometimes a spring can snap, causing the door to slam shut. When your garage door won't stay open by itself, it's time to call a garage door repair company to assess the situation before the door slams down on your car or a person.

When the Door Won't Open at All

While your first step is to check that your remote battery is working, sometimes the garage door motor stops working completely. Whether it's a simple fix or you need a new motor, the repair person that you call should be able to tell you. If your garage door has power but it won't open, it's time to call for a repair. You can try to open the door manually, but you may struggle to do so if the door is heavy.

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27 January 2017

Understanding Garage Door Installation And Repair

Hello, my name is Isaiah. Welcome to my site about garage door installation and repair. When you want to upgrade your home, the best way to accomplish that feat is by replacing your garage door. A new garage door greatly improves the curb appeal of your property in an instant. After picking your garage door, you must have it professionally installed to keep it working efficiently over the years. If your garage door malfunctions, a professional can help you repair the system to ensure it returns to full operation and that no one gets hurt while coming and going through the garage.