Making Your New Home More Secure: Tips for You


When you have just purchased and moved into a home, one of the first issues that you may think about is the security of your new home. After all, the items and the people that you care about most are in your new home, and you want to keep them safe. There are numerous ways that you can go about making your home more secure. Get to know some of those different methods so that you can be sure you are doing everything in your power to keep your new home secure. 

Hire a Locksmith to Re-Key Your Locks and Change Your Garage Door Opener Codes

In order to ensure that you have full control over who gets into your home at any given time, it is important that you give yourself a clean slate in your home. This means hiring a locksmith to help you re-key or change your locks as well as change the code to your garage door opener.

While you received the main set of keys to your home from the previous owners, they may have had spare keys made for friends and family or may even have inadvertently forgotten a hidden spare key somewhere on the property. There could also be garage door openers or remotes around that are coded to your specific garage door opener.

A locksmith will be able to quickly and easily adjust your locks so that the old keys will no longer work in them and will give you a brand new set of keys to work with. Your garage door opener and remotes can be re-coded with relative ease as well, giving you the peace of mind you need that you control the access to your home.

Install a Security Gate

Another way that you can increase and improve the security in your new home is to install a security gate or multiple security gates around your home. A security gate will control access to your driveway and home. Additionally, if you have pets or children, a security gate will allow you to keep your children and your pets inside of your yard so that they do not wander off or get hurt out in the street.

There are many different types of security gates that you can choose from depending on your tastes and needs. Slide gates, for example, are single or double paneled gates that slide along the plane of your fence to open.

A swing gate, on the other hand, swings on a hinge, either inward toward your home or outward toward the street. These require more space to open and are ideal if you have a long driveway and clearance between your fence line and the street. You can also choose between automatic gates with openers or key codes or gates that need to be opened manually. Talk to a contractor like Western Door and Gate about which style would work best for you.

With these tips in mind, you can be sure that you are taking the necessary steps to make your new home as secure as possible.


23 February 2017

Understanding Garage Door Installation And Repair

Hello, my name is Isaiah. Welcome to my site about garage door installation and repair. When you want to upgrade your home, the best way to accomplish that feat is by replacing your garage door. A new garage door greatly improves the curb appeal of your property in an instant. After picking your garage door, you must have it professionally installed to keep it working efficiently over the years. If your garage door malfunctions, a professional can help you repair the system to ensure it returns to full operation and that no one gets hurt while coming and going through the garage.