Have Your Damaged Garage Door Panel Replaced With A New One


If a panel on your garage door is ugly due to discoloration, dents, or scratches, then you should look into having it replaced. One good thing about a sectional garage door is that you can have individual panels replaced without having to replace the entire door. This is a routine job for a professional, but it might be too involved as a DIY project since you need special tools, and working on a garage door can be dangerous. Here's how a garage door service might replace a damaged panel of your door.

The Panel Has To Be Disconnected From The Others

When a garage door is installed, the bottom panel is the first one put on, and the installer then works their way to the top, attaching each panel to the other with hinges. The panels are secured against each other, so simply taking the hinges apart won't allow enough room for pulling the damaged panel out and putting another one in. One possible solution depending on the location of the damaged panel is to work down from the top, removing panels until the damaged one is freed. Then, the new panel can be put in and the other panels added on top of it. However, this is a time-consuming way to do the job. A better method is to use a hand winch to make separating the panels faster.

A Hand Winch Makes Removing A Panel Easier

A hand winch can be used to remove an old panel easier since the service person won't have to take off every panel in the door. Instead, the door is raised from the ground to allow for the extra room needed. The door is stabilized so it won't slip or fall, and then the tool is inserted to gently loosen tension on the door. Once that's done, the hinges are removed from the top and bottom of the damaged panel so it can be pulled out. The new panel is inserted and the hinges attached. When the hand winch is released, then the panels and cable tighten back in place.

Having a single panel replaced costs less than getting a new door, and it will improve the appearance of the door from the street. If you've got one section that's damaged and is an eyesore, call a professional to change it out. A garage door service has the tools needed, such as the hand winch, and they can source the right panel replacement for a good color match. Replacing a panel doesn't take too long, and it will make a difference in the curb appeal of your home. Contact a company like R & S Garage Door Inc to learn more.


27 March 2019

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