Understanding Garage Door Installation And Repair

Advantages Of Having Your Garage Door Contractor Put A Window In Your Garage Door

If your garage door doesn’t have a window, you might be perfectly fine with the look of it—or you might be intrigued about the possibility of adding one or more windows to the door. If you personally fall into the latter category, it’s worthwhile to do a little research on some of the window options […]

Afraid Your Garage Door Opening Chain Will Break? What To Do

If the chain that lifts your garage door up and down is starting to lock up on occasion and you’re afraid it’s going to break, it’s time for a belt garage door opener. Updating the system allows you to upgrade to a lot of great electronic features, along with great functional features. You can call […]

The Anatomy Of Garage Door Spring Failure

A complete garage door spring failure can come as a sudden and often noisy surprise. A broken torsion or extension spring can be a setback for anyone with a growing “to-do” list of home repairs, so here’s a brief explanation of how and why garage door springs fail, as well as a few pointers on […]

Help, My Garage Door Is Too Loud!

Garage doors that are too loud can cause a number of problems. It may simply be unpleasant to hear the grating noise the door makes as it opens and closes. In some households, this can be a problem when a door wakes up household residents or even neighbors. And sometimes, a loud garage door is […]

Troubleshooting Common Problems With The Roll-Up Garage Door At Your Place Of Business

Roll-up garage doors are perhaps one of the most common types of commercial doors used in business settings. These doors are ideal because they are lightweight, but still provide ample security and weather protection, but they also require minimal space to operate because the door itself rolls into a coil housed in a horizontal casing […]

What Not To Overlook When Choosing A Garage Door

Although often overlooked, garage doors are one of the most functional parts of a home. Make sure you are taking your time to choose wisely. Failure to thoughtfully consider your choice could lead to increased maintenance needs, an unflattering design or poor insulation. Take your time and choose wisely for the best long-term results. Upkeep […]

How To Clean And Maintain A Wood Garage Door

Installing a real wood garage door will give your home a natural, rustic look. The warm, golden color of the wood will blend with a variety of exterior home shades, from white to blue. Although natural wood garage doors may cost a little more than their vinyl, composite wood and steel counterparts, they can add […]

3 Options When Choosing An Electric Garage Door Opener

With garage doors, it’s important that you have a suitable method to control the opening and closing of the component. While this was typically controlled manually in the past, steps have been taken to implement technology where possible. At present, there are three main options available when choosing an electric garage door opener: Option 1 […]