Simple Things That Cause Your Garage Door To Malfunction


There are several things that can go wrong with garage doors. Unfortunately, there's not a lot you can do to repair your garage door yourself. The doors are usually very heavy, and the springs are under a lot of tension. It is dangerous to attempt repairs on a spring or twisted track. You'll need to call a professional to make most garage door repairs, but before you do, be sure to check these simple things first.

Remote Control Batteries

If the door won't open, the batteries in the remote could be dead. They could also just be loose if you dropped the remote recently. Even if the remote has good batteries, something else could be wrong with the device that caused it to malfunction. The first step is to bypass the remote and see if your garage door operates with the indoor switch. If it does, you know the problem is in the remote. If it doesn't, the problem could be in the spring or electrical components of the opener, which means you may need to call in a professional.

The Electronic Eye

If the door won't stay down or closed, it might be due to problems with the electronic eye at the foot of the door. There is a sensor on each side of the door. A beam is emitted from one side and received by the other. If something blocks the beam or if the beam is out of alignment, the door won't operate properly. Try cleaning each sensor to get rid of dirt and spider webs and line them back up properly. Cleaning and realigning the electronic eye may be all you need to do to fix your garage door.

Track Problems

You might be able to fix some minor track problems yourself. Dirt and leaves may accumulate in the track, or there could be a cloth or wad of paper wedged in there. Try cleaning out the tracks and then lubricate them. Open and close the door while watching it move along the track. If it makes noise, slows down, or stops in a certain spot, check to see if the track is bent there or if there is a blockage of some sort. If the track is bent in on itself, you may be able to pry it open. However, if something knocked against the track and moved it out of alignment, you'll want to call a professional to repair the track because it could be a safety risk to do it yourself.

Manual Controls

Also, don't forget to check the obvious when you have garage door problems. It could be locked manually. The switch may be off so the door could be operated by hand, so don't forget to check the power switch and the disconnect switch. Also, make sure there is nothing under the door like a toy or lawn tool that's interfering with the photo eye. In addition, locate the remote. Make sure it isn't caught between the seat and having buttons pushed automatically that's causing the door to act up.

It doesn't take long to make these quick checks, and they might save you from having to call out a repair person and waste time with your car stuck in the garage. However, if the spring is broken, you won't have any choice but to call in a pro. You may be able to tell by looking if there is a problem with the spring. If you're home when it snaps, you'll probably hear it inside the house since it holds so much tension. If there is ever any doubt about what is wrong with your door, it's always best to have it checked by an experienced professional because you might get an electric shock or be hurt by the spring or heavy door if you try to work on the door yourself.


1 February 2017

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