Why Is My Garage Door Opener Not Working?


A garage door opener that doesn't work can be frustrating. Fortunately, there are at least three potential solutions to try when your garage door is having issues. Read on to learn about them.

The Programming Is Off

This is a potential solution if the problem is not with the mechanical motion of your garage door but with its behavior. For example, your garage door might be going up and down at erratic times if there is a problem with the programming.

You could try resetting the programming using your user's manual. Look at the close limits in particular and make sure to calibrate those. The process should take a half hour or less as a potential fix to avoid a repair bill.

Another aspect that you might want to look at is the photo eye. Maybe the programming is fine, but the door is not receiving the correct signal on whether the door is already opened or closed. Aside from inspecting the photo eye for damage, you should also rinse it down to remove any gunk that could interfere with the laser signal between the two photo eyes.

It's Not Strong Enough

Another issue may be that your garage door opener is not strong enough for the type of door that you're trying to pull. For example, a belt drive motor, with its often ¾ horsepower engine, is not strong enough to repeatedly haul an aluminum door with storm proofing. You might want to consult your residential garage door repair team now or on the next visit to see if there is a better combination that would work more reliably.

The Opener Is Broken

It may also be that your garage door opener has gone kaput. But this doesn't have to be all negative; perhaps there is a garage door opener that would make your life easier. Approach your specialist for direct drive garage door opener options; these are highly reliable, quiet, and fast. Or, if you are looking for reliability first and foremost, something more old school like a chain drive garage door opener might be the ticket.

While having garage door issues is never fun, it may be a key that you need to do more frequent maintenance. Things like ensuring proper lubrication, making sure the tracks are fastened correctly, and smoothing over dents on the tracks can all help your garage door stay functional longer. Consult a residential garage door repair team from a company like Edison Overhead Door, or learn how to do these on your own for a better outcome next time.


27 January 2017

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