5 Things To Do When Your Garage Door Opener Stops Working


Your garage door opener is one of your home's first lines of defense. It helps you secure your home and property by preventing unauthorized individuals from accessing your garage, the items stored inside, and, eventually, your home. Due to its importance, when the garage door opener stops working, the impact is both annoying and a security concern. Thankfully, there are actions you can take to ensure it's fixed in no time. Here's what you can do to troubleshoot garage door opener repair.

1. Check the batteries 

It may seem incredibly obvious, but the batteries from your garage door opener can wear out quickly. If your remote is not responding, the first step is to replace the batteries. This option is easy and cost-friendly, and effective.

2. Inspect the power source

Again, this tip may seem incredibly obvious, but check to ensure the power cord is plugged in. Someone may have inadvertently knocked it out of the socket. Additionally, ensure that the outlet has not been tripped. Circuit breakers can trip when overloaded or during a storm. Find out where your electrical panel is and check if any circuits have tripped.

3. Check the sensors

Since 1993, modern garage doors have been required by Congressional mandate to have sensors as a safety feature. However, it may impact the garage door operation if the sensors are blocked, misaligned, or dirty. Check if the sensors are properly aligned and that nothing is blocking them. Clean them if necessary.

4. Check the limit switch

Another essential part of your garage door opener repair troubleshooting is the limit switch. It regulates the range of the garage door. In other words, it prevents you from opening other doors in your neighborhood. If it's not appropriately set, it can hinder the garage opener's operation. Most of the time, the limit switch just needs a slight adjustment.

5. Seek professional help

If the above steps don't correct the problem, it's time to seek a professional garage door repair service to fix the problem. A professional garage door technician will be able to properly identify and fix the problem. By hiring a pro, you'll be assured that you are getting an accurate diagnosis and an effective garage door opener repair solution.

A malfunctioning garage door opener can cause undue stress and anxiety. Checking batteries, power sources, sensors, and limit switches, while seeking professional services when necessary is the best way to handle your garage door challenges. A malfunctioning garage door opener is a small headache that can become a significant safety problem. So, it is best to act quickly when you need garage opener repair.


8 June 2023

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