3 Critical Signs Your Garage Door Needs Repair


A garage door can serve you for several years. However, natural factors such as floods, earthquakes, and tornadoes can damage your garage doors. There are also preventable causes like shifting foundations, which can cause the door to bend, dents that can lead to rusting, and infrequent garage door inspections that can turn small repair issues into irreversible problems.

So, what symptoms should you look out for?

The Door Struggles to Move Smoothly

Your garage door is likely damaged if it struggles to open or close. Does your door react to control signals irregularly, or does it not move up and down smoothly as expected? These issues can be due to various causes.

If your garage door doesn't consistently respond when you press the control buttons, then there's a malfunction in your door's electrical circuitry. An electrical circuit fault will cause poor synchronization between the garage door system and the remote-control device. 

In cases where your door completely doesn't open or close, the problem could be a blown fuse or circuit breaker. These issues mean your door operator won't receive any power to enable your door to operate. Sometimes, you may have forgotten to plug in the power cord, or your remote-control device batteries could be dead.

A Noisy Door

A noisy garage door isn't only annoying, but it could indicate a serious problem that, if not taken care of, can force you to replace the entire door. Your garage door can be noisy due to various factors. The first culprit is bent metal tracks. Bent metal tracks can be due to wear and tear or rusting. These complications will cause the metal tracks to produce loud rubbing when the door moves up or down.

Your garage door components need to be well lubricated. Otherwise, your door will strain to move, and start to make grinding noises. Poor lubrication will also interfere with the movement of the door's metal parts, which will cause the nuts and bolts supporting the door to loosen.

Off-Track Door

If your garage door comes off its track, it's a major cause of concern. The door can easily fall on your vehicle, kids, or pets. This issue can happen when you are in a hurry and suddenly hit your garage door before it completely opens. The door will be rattled and cause a few rollers to come off their tracks.

The rollers can also become worn out due to wear and tear, which will impede their movement. The door may still function if one roller malfunctions, but the entire door will soon be affected as the rollers have to work together.

For more information about garage door repair, contact a local company.


5 July 2022

Understanding Garage Door Installation And Repair

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