Afraid Your Garage Door Opening Chain Will Break? What To Do


If the chain that lifts your garage door up and down is starting to lock up on occasion and you're afraid it's going to break, it's time for a belt garage door opener. Updating the system allows you to upgrade to a lot of great electronic features, along with great functional features.

You can call the professionals to come evaluate the system you have to see if you need to have any cables or components replaced when you get the new opening system installed. Ask about the following to know why a belt door opener will be right for you.

Avoid Loud Noise

The chain can be very loud when it's in motion, which can allow others to know when you are getting home or leaving. With a belt-operated door opener, you won't have this problem, and instead it will sound quiet as it glides around on the belt track. This is ideal for people who don't want to be woken by a garage door in the middle of the night, or for children who are napping.

No More Rusting

Humidity in the garage can cause the garage door opening chain to rust, which can cause a lot of problems for the opening system. The rusting can disrupt the chain's movements and cause the garage door to shake as it opens and closes, and the rusting can cause the garage door to lock up. You don't have to regularly oil or lube a belt system, so this means less maintenance.

New Features

The new technological features that you can get when you install a new garage door are other reasons why you should consider making the change. You should look for systems that offer the following:

  • Wireless activation from a smart device
  • Key pad options for outside the home
  • Automobile syncing ability

For most new models, you don't have to use the old garage door opener that sticks to your visor, and instead you can program the opener from the control screen on the dash of your car.

If you are always worried that your garage door is going to fall down because it wobbles back and forth, or that the chain is going to break or lock up permanently, you want to update your garage door system. Look into the different belt opening systems that the garage door professionals install to see how an upgrade could benefit your home and daily needs. For more information, contact a company like Aladdin Doors of Raleigh.


14 September 2016

Understanding Garage Door Installation And Repair

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