Help, My Garage Door Is Too Loud!


Garage doors that are too loud can cause a number of problems. It may simply be unpleasant to hear the grating noise the door makes as it opens and closes. In some households, this can be a problem when a door wakes up household residents or even neighbors. And sometimes, a loud garage door is problematic because it indicates a maintenance problem. Here are some ways to diagnose and fix a garage door that is to loud. 

Add Lubrication to the Tracks

One potential cause of a noisy garage door is a lack of lubrication of the tracks. Since there are metal parts moving over one another, it's common to have a little bit of noise from that friction. But a bit of graphite powder or specialized grease can create a smoother flow and lessen noise. 

Inspect the Tracks and Roller

Another issue occurs when the roller repeatedly crunches over something noisy. Debris such as dirt or sand can create a gritty crunching noise as the door slides over the tracks. If your rollers are damaged, they might have sharp edges that create an even greater sound. Inspect these parts and clean them to ensure that no noise results from dirty parts. 

The rollers may also make a lot of noise if they are allowed to slide from side to side as the garage door slides over the tracks. You might need to have a garage-door repair professional inspect the rollers and replace them with something that's more compatible with your tracks. 

Refasten the Door

Sometimes, the clamor from your garage door can be due to the tracks banging against the ceiling of your garage or vibrating too much. In this case, a solution that often works is refastening the door. You may need to take down the entire door to tighten the nuts and bolts and then redistribute the tension of fasteners at the same time. 

Get a Different Garage-Door Opener System

Sometimes, noise is inevitable if you have an outdated garage-door system. You might want to visit a garage-door repair professional, such as Don Johnson's Door Service to see if there is a quieter garage-door opener that you can install. It may be that you need to get a higher- or lower-powered opener. Certain styles of garage-door openers, such as belt-drive openers, are also notoriously quiet. In short, there are many potential solutions to try when you're being bothered by a noisy garage door. 


8 September 2016

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