Troubleshooting Common Problems With The Roll-Up Garage Door At Your Place Of Business


Roll-up garage doors are perhaps one of the most common types of commercial doors used in business settings. These doors are ideal because they are lightweight, but still provide ample security and weather protection, but they also require minimal space to operate because the door itself rolls into a coil housed in a horizontal casing overhead. While the roll-up garage door you have at your place of business will likely last you for many years without problems, occasionally these doors will face issues, especially with age. Here are a few of the most common issues business owners face with their older roll-up garage doors and the simple causes and solutions you need to know. 

Problem: The roll-up garage door makes a loud screeching noise when rolled open. 

Cause and Solution: It is not at all uncommon for a roll-up commercial door to get noisy as it gets older, but most of the time the solution to this problem is fairly simple. It all comes down to how well the door is lubricated at its moving parts. If there is no grease to help move things along, you will often encounter the screeching of metal against metal when the door is opened or closed. Use a good white lithium grease to lubricate the tracks along each side of the door, the rollers, and all of the hinges of the door itself and you will likely see a big difference. 

Problem: The roll-up door refuses to go completely up. 

Cause and Solution: If the door will not retract fully into its usual coiled position, it most often is an indication that the door is unbalanced, and this is preventing the door from being able to roll away in a straight manner. To fix this issue, close the door fully, rebalance it according to the manufacturer's instructions, and then try to open the door again. If the door still will not roll up, there may be an issue with the coiling wheels inside the housing you roll garage door rolls into, which will require professional attention. 

Problem: The roll-up garage door refuses to retract at all, and seems to be shut closed. 

Cause and Solution: While this issue is less common, sometimes the door will not retract at all which is quite the frustrating experience because it means you cannot get the door to open. Usually, this kind of issue that the main rolling system at the top of the door is locked up. This can happen if the rolling wheels in the coiled door housing are not adequately maintained or if they get caked with dirt and debris. 

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6 September 2016

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