3 Options When Choosing An Electric Garage Door Opener


With garage doors, it's important that you have a suitable method to control the opening and closing of the component. While this was typically controlled manually in the past, steps have been taken to implement technology where possible. At present, there are three main options available when choosing an electric garage door opener:

Option 1 – Basic Electric Operator

These are the most basic electric operator systems on the market and typically involve only a retractable garage door and an electrical operator. The most common design for an electric door is the up and over retractable door. With these systems, the electric operator lifts the door up through 90 degrees and retracts the horizontal panel into the garage.

Option 2 – No Handle

The widespread use of automated garage door openers means that you can choose a garage door that has no physical handle whatsoever. In practice, these "no handle" doors are typically modified roller doors that rely entirely on electric openers to control the system. This also means that there is no manual lock fitted to the door – so you better buy a spare opener in case of emergency!

As an additional level of security, consider installing a secondary method of access in case there is an electrical fault. The safest measure you can take is to install the secondary access inside the garage. This will allow you to release the door while making it impossible for intruders. The most common internal opener system is a simple pull cord. With these, there is a cord or "rope" that acts to open the garage door, similar to the cord used to operate your curtains.

Option 3 – De-latch Kit

The de-latch kit is an accessory that is usually applied to up and over doors. The kit consists of a simple mechanical device that is attached to the towing arm and lock handle. When operated, the de-latch kit pulls the locking rods to release the door once the electric operator is activated.

Essentially, de-latch kits offer you a three-point locking mechanism that offers additional security to your door. When sizing a de-latch kit for your door, it's important to remember that there are very few universal de-latching kits on the market. In the majority of cases, the kits will be designed for a specific door design, size and material. As such, you should always have a professional garage door contractor assess your system in order to choose the most viable option.  


6 May 2015

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